Aims & Objectives

The Matliwala Public School declares it’s Mission to instill in learners a sense of God and Human consciousness, a passion for acquiring Knowledge and a commitment to reach full potential throughout life. Towards attaining this we shall endeavour:

  1. To provide learning experiences which are holistic, heuristic, relevant, challenging, dynamic and fulfilling, aimed at a balanced growth of personality, and encouraging freedom of thought and expression within the bounds of Shariah;
  2. To create opportunities and inculcate a yearning amongst learners and educators to excel in every endeavour;
  3. To develop in learners the qualities of compassion, fellowship, loyalty, decision making and leadership
  4. To provide an environment which promotes an awareness and understanding of the conditions in society, which will contribute to its growth and development
  5. To promote self-respect and respect for other in our multicultural society;