Message To The Parents

  1. Besides periodic circulars and sms sent out to parents to keep them apprised of the school’s programmes, the learner’s diary serves as a regular channel of communication between parents and teachers. We earnestly request the parents to have a close look t the learner’s diary regularly. The teachers will communicate with you through this handbook. Your prompt attention to their remarks is essential.
  2. You are requested to pay special attention to the personal cleanliness and turnout of your child apart from conformity to the prescribed dress regulation.
  3. Criticism of teacher should be avoided in the presence of the child because it undermines his/her respect for the teacher and the school.
  4. Parents’ meeting is held periodically after every cycle of tests on the day mentioned in the Almanac. Parents must take this opportunity to meet the teachers and discuss the progress of their ward.
  5. On other working days you can, if necessary, meet teachers with the prior permission of the Principal.
  6. Please ensure that your ward is invariably punctual; late comers will not be permitted entry.
  7. Please do not allow your wards to carry mobile phones or any other electronic gadgets to the class room. Students are also not permitted to drive car/scooter to the school, without a valid license will be confiscated.
  8. Parents/Guardians are not allowed to visit the academic blocks and provide lunch boxes during school hours to their wards.
  9. Parents/Guardians are requested to notify the school (in the office) about any change of address and telephone number.
  10. Special precautions regarding health are to be taken. Parents/Guardians are advised to make a written request to the Principal about the unfitness of their child.
  11. Absence from class for social functions is strongly discouraged.
  12. Please note that half day leave will not be granted to your ward, except in case of emergency.
  13. Please send your ward to the school well in time and in proper school uniform, otherwise he/she will be sent back home.


Note: If either of the parents or the students misbehaves with the teaching or non-teaching members of the school staff, the concerned ward/wards will be debarred from attending the class till the ward satisfies the Principal about his action. However, if a ward or anyone of the parents misbehaves with the Principal, the name of the ward will be struck off from the rolls and his/her security will automatically be forfeited.