Admission & Withdrawal

Admission and Withdrawals

Admission to class KG Of I, whichever is the initial Class, the following instruction may be followed strictly for admission to classes KG and Class I

  • Admission to KG or Class I as the case may be shall be made by Recessional interview only.
  • If the number of registered candidates is less than or equal to the required number of students to e admitted in each category, draw of lots will not be conducted and all eligible candidate shall be admitted.
  • Application of any those children will be considered for admission in class I, who have completed 5.6 years of age as on 31st March and for LKG class, the child should have reached the age of 3.6 years on 1st April.
  • The following documents are required to be produced by the guardians at the time of admission.
    • Original birth certificate issued by the competent authority (in case of wards of jhuggijhopri dwellers, labourers or other deprived sections of society, an affidavit from the parents / guardians is acceptable).\
    • Two passport size photograph of the child.
    • An affidavit by the parent / guardian that he /she is a citizen of India, in case it is not incorporated in the birth certificate.
  • The academic session for the KG * I classes will begin from the 1st April.

The admission to students from Std II – IV (Primary) is based on a viva conducted in the school on the stipulated days. Admission to Std V – IX and XI are based the written tests and viva conducted in the school on a stipulated date.

  • If a pupil gets C grade or below it is a mater of serious concern.
  • Although, promotion to the next class is automatic, the principal can reconsider it if the performance is very poor.
  • As per the scheduled result day parents have to come and verify your wards progress report and sign.