Rules & Regulation


Promotion Rules and Pass Percentage :

Class I-IV

Classes I-IV will have a ‘liberal promotion’ policy. Remedial programmes will be conducted to minimize failures.

Classes V-VIII

A candidate securing 40% in each subject will be promoted to the next higher class. A candidate who has failed in more than two subjects out of the six (English, Hindi, Mathematics, G.Sc., S.S.T., Arabic / Gujarati) will be detained in the same class.

Classes IX & XI

As per the direction given by C.B.S.E. the students of class IX will be graded on a nine point scale. Students who get an E grade will have to repeat the class. Class XI, students should secure 40% in all the subjects to be promoted to the next class. If a candidate fails in the same class twice, the parents may be advised to withdraw the child. In class XI, for subjects having practical, passing separately in theory and practical is compulsory. Practical and theory marks will not be added together for promotion. If any students is found using unfair means during the examination, that particular paper of the erring student shall be cancelled and he / she will be awarded ‘zero’ in the paper. Any incident of tempering with examination records will be considered as a serious offence and appropriate action will be taken. Students must have a 75% annual attendance record to be eligible to sit for the final examination.