School Discipline

School Discipline

Discipline of a child is essential for his / her personality development, the objective is to inculcate a sense of control, self discipline and self direction-Role of punishment is to reform and act as a deterrent.

General Guidelines :

  • The Students are present in the school before the assembly commences.
  • School prefects must be given due respect.
  • Care should be taken in keeping the school campus clean always. Litter must be disposed off in the dustbins provided.
  • Students are expected to take good care of their belongings while at school. The school will not take any responsibility for any lost articles, including money or valuables which are not advisable to be brought to school in quantities in excess of bare necessities.
  • The students are not allowed to enter any classroom during Physical education / Library periods.
  • All the students will come out of their classrooms during the break except in case of extreme emergency and that too with prior permission of the teacher.

The following in general, will be considered as acts of indiscipline

  • Any disagreeable act or violation of school rules and norms
  • Misconduct in the campus, classrooms and school bus.
  • Late coming
  • Non-conformity to dress (school Uniform)
  • Abstaining from P. E./Library/CCA Classes or Activities
  • Use of abusive language.
  • Theft
  • Bullying other children, inflicting physical injury.
  • Disrespect to National Anthem, National Flag.
  • Disrespect to teaching, non-teaching staff and school prefects
  • Damage to school property etc.

All these acts will be treated as ‘Gross Misconduct’ and adequate corrective will be taken as noted hereunder

  • Notification to parent
  • Counseling
  • Warning by concerned teacher
  • Report to the Vice-principal / Headmaster / Principal.
  • Invalidation of the answer –script and / or other suitable measures.
  • Permanent / habitual late-comes will be sent back
  • Entry in the student record
  • Withdrawal of all facilities provided by the school.
  • Deprivation of honour-rolls, certificates, awards.
  • Replacement of or financial compensation to damage school property
  • Expulsion

A staff discipline committee function in all section and strict supervision and periodic inspection are conducted by the members of the faculty. All activities inside the campus are closely monitored. Student’s prefects and monitors are also appointed.