School Features

Unique Features
English medium of instruction, with Arabic as a compulsory language. In addition to formal subjects such as:

  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Social Study
  4. Hindi / Arabic / Gujarati
  5. Computer Studies
Islamic Studies Subjects, Namely:

  1. Islamic Studies
  2. Value Education

School offers

  1. CBSE Pattern Curriculum
  2. Arabic as third language
  3. Continuous comprehensive evaluation for Std. I to V.
  4. Moderate fees
  5. Students are exposed to international standard by foreign teachers.
  6. Scholar ship to rankers and free ship to poor students.
  7. Dedicated and well-qualified teachers for all subjects.
  8. Child Psychologist for child counseling.
  9. Modern information and audio-visual facilities used to impart education.
  10. Extra curricular activities, including Martial Arts and Athletics games to enhance their physical fitness.
  11. Well-equipped classrooms, to facilitate students’ learning, comfort and concentration.
  12. Medical Check-ups of students by a reputed Pediatrician.
  13. Approximately 30 students per class, to facilitate better student-teacher relationship and individual attention to students.
  14. Easy reachable, safe and secure location
  15. Library

The Matliwala Public School provides Muslim children excellent quality education for their proper all-round development. They are taught moral values, self-discipline and skills to face the dynamic challenges and opportunities of life with care, confidence and commitment.

The school promotes and environment in which the students can learn, understand and practice their “way of life” – Islam, as they strive for excellence in subjects of study and others, it moulds the student’s personalities according to righteous Islamic tenets and inculcates in them the concept of universal brotherhood.

Efficient and high quality teaching and other facilities at the school enhance the student’s striving for their educational excellence. Alhamdullilah, the academic curriculum at the Matliwala Public School is more comprehensive than most reputed English medium schools.

Remedial Classes :
The students who find it difficult to cope up with the class in academics are rendered special help through the remedial classes conducted in the afternoon. These classes enable students to clarify doubts and reinforce concepts.


We offer the best available facilities to our children in pursuit of giving them good knowledge. We strive that the children learn the best way & we put our efforts in fulfilling that.


The school has well equipped furnished, spacious & well ventilated labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer & Mathematics.

We emphasize hands on practical work as far as possible; to help our students understand the theories of Science. Laboratory work helps bring forth the child’s innate curiosity and channels it into a systematic exploration of things unknown. Our laboratories attest to our commitment to provide high quality education.



A Healthy body promotes a healthy mind thus our school encourages the children to be healthy in both body & mind. Sports provide and excellent opportunity for our students to stay healthy & develop good interpersonal skills & concentrate.

Math Lab:

We have embanked on an ambitions project to equip our school with math laboratory. This will go a long way in making the study of math dreaded by many, more learner friendly.

Audio Visual Room:

The world is changing faster than ever before. Students around the world today are exposed to new learning methods, so powerful is their impact, they may well transform our entire concept of education. Audio visual aids are effective teaching tools with a comprehensive structure, exhaustive content base & lucid presentation style.


Our library is well stocked with books. We encourage the students to develop a wide reading habit, so they will be well informed & develop a good command of the English Language.